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German Culture

1.  Kazantip
your comprehensive source of up to date information about Kazantip Festival: dates, venue, activities, reviews, nightlife, tips.

2.  Deutsche Kultur International
Deutsche Kultur International provides information on: German language and literature at home and abroad, Exhibitions of German art worldwide and art from abroad in Germany, Support of artists in the fields of fine arts, music, dance and theatre...

3. has been developed by Maria and Walter Brand. Maria has gathered an extensive history of the activities of German American Pioneers in the region now known as Silicon Valley...

4.  German Christmas
Learn more about the Christmas celebrations in Germany its traditions, customs and other rituals.

5.  Volunteering in Nepal
Volunteer in Nepal with Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN). women's and children's empowerment, youth development, teacher development, orphanage work, buddhist monastery, health care, agroforestry, teach english at public schools.

6.  Übersetzer Englisch Deutsch
Muttersprachliche Übersetzer und Dolmetscher übersetzen in fast alle Sprachen der Welt.

7.  Learn Cool German
The best address for German street lingo, idioms, colloquial German and slang! .

English language website about German music

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